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Send me your robots! [edited]

Gweepr/Zed is making a music video out of I'm Just A Robot. Part of it will be a panroboton (pantheon of robots) of historical actual and fictional robots, images being harvesting via google. But I'll bet many of you have images (or, God bless you, video?) of actual or fictional robots that aren't readily available on the net. If you have something appropriate you would like to appear in the music video, send it to MajorZed circle-a yahoo period com. Much obliged!

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I'm swamped with what is available on the 'net, starting with this list on Wikipedia. Here's another idea... nominate a robot you like to add to the list.

Here's what I've captured so far; have I missed someone important? Collapse )
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Interrobang Cartel Music Player

I have been working with Adobe Flex at work so I decided to play with the mp3 playing capabilities. There is a simple player that plays about 80 songs.

I have not incorporated any fancy graphics yet, but it does have a shuffle button, and a next button so you can skip and songs you don't want to listen to.

I will try to incorporate it into the IBCWiki site, but it will need to come up in a window otherwise it will disappear when you navigate to a new page.

Domain Name

In case anyone has tried to go to and discovered that the site is down, please don't panic.

Our DNS servers changed and I didn't update the records by the deadline. I've changed them now, and the changes will propagate within the next 48 hours.

Until then, the site will still be available at, if anyone needs it. And, of course, the wiki at is still available.

Aswan Released!

40 years ago this month, Egypt's Aswan High Dam was completed. Zoom to another point in time, when Major Zed and Gweepr first collaborated on a scale model of the dam for Mrs. Levin's 4th grade social studies class at Wolcott School. Now forward to the present. It is only fitting that the first project by Gweepr/Zed Video Productions is

"Aswan: The Untold Story of the Building of the High Dam" animated fantasy with about as much historical accuracy as that old lego-and-plaster model, and even more fun!

Take 7 minutes out of your busy day and let your mind roam... See the amazing way the dam might have been built, and the shocking surprises in store for the man responsible. And enjoy the music of Major Zed and Interröbang Cartel - soundtrack album available for free download at
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Teh Shut-Down!

I'm sure no one has been checking the old forums for a while, so you may not be aware that every week or so for the past couple months, pr0n spammers have been posting crotch shots and blow jobs and the like. (Which leads to a side comment: if you're desperate for pr0n, you should start a web forum or blog! Soon, you'll have so much pr0n, it's all over you screen!!)


I get notices -- sometimes -- via RSS that something's going on, so I delete them rather rapidly. But since no one legitimate posts anymore, I thought about shutting off posting, but leaving the forums up for reference. I even posted a thread stating that's what I was doing.

I changed my mind for now, though, and have merely enable VeriCodes (aka Captcha) for posting. We'll see how that works in the coming (fnarr) month.

I've directed people to the spaceroom replacement wiki, but I noticed that I don't have an account there and there (did once, seems to have disappeared) and there doesn't appear to be a "sign up" link, so I was unable to post a notice there. I'm posting one here instead.